General Counsel Services

Our attorneys will:

  • Get your business set up right, quickly and efficiently, so you can continue to grow.
  • Structure your business and projects to protect your intellectual property, your money, your people, and yourself.
  • Keep a legal eye on your business, looking for unknown and obvious risks so you can avoid an accidental legal headache.

How do we work together?

  • We will schedule an initial call to discuss your business plans for the year, download your mental to-do list, and gather information about what legal structure you need or have already completed.
  • Working directly with you and/or your staff, we will compile the information, documents, and other data that we need to prepare your business legal plan for the year. 
  • We will create
  •  your legal plan, ensuring that it includes any backlog of legal documents and reviews that need to be completed as well as the legal support you’ll need for your projects for the upcoming year, and a timeline or list of priorities.
  • We will have a regularly scheduled monthly call to discuss the status of your projects, business changes and plans for the next month, and your needs going forward.
  • We will work together to discuss legal issues, gather documents, and manage the to do list.
  • If you need to discuss a legal issue, or have an unexpected legal problem, we can schedule a call to chat. 

Here’s what’s included in General Counsel services:

  • Unlimited email advice.
  • Unlimited phone calls (must be scheduled).
  • Unlimited review of business documents.
  • Unlimited creation of business documents.
  • Creation of privacy policy, terms of use, terms of service, and disclosures.
  • Business setup.*
  • Unlimited business formation advice, filing, and compliance.
  • Trademark registration*
  • Copyright registration.*
  • Unlimited letters, such as cease and desist letters, demand letters, and replies.
  • Review status of contractors and vendors.
  • Manage litigation.** 
  • Review business processes and advise accordingly.
  • Creation of prioritized to do lists.
  • Monthly meeting via phone.
  • Referrals for professional services (tax, insurance, etc).

*Government filing and potential third-party fees are not included. We will  give you an estimate of any fees before starting work.  

** Additional charges may apply. 

How much does it cost?

We customize General Counsel plans based on the complexity of your business, the number of business entities/divisions, owners, and staff, and the rate of change and expansion of your business.  For our ongoing services, we charge an annual Retainer Fee that is payable in monthly and quarterly installments.

What happens after one year?

Your contract is year-by-year. After the first year, we will re-evaluate your needs and present you with a proposal for the next year.

Does the Firm limit the number of General Counsel clients?

Yes.  We only take on a few General Counsel clients at any one time to ensure that we have the capacity to properly serve each client. 

How can I sign up?

Contact us by clicking the "I'm Interested" link on this page.

First, we will review your message, check out your website and social media, and see if the General Counsel  relationship is a good fit for us.

If it looks like we are a match, we will call you to learn more about your business status and plans.  During this call, we can answer any questions you may have, and we can make a good decision about whether we should work together.   We will also ask you for some additional information and documents, so we can create your General Counsel proposal and plan for the next year.

After our call, we will create a customized written proposal and plan for your legal needs for the next twelve months. This proposal will also state the cost of your annual retainer fee. 

Occasionally, instead of working together in a General Counsel relationship right away, we will first start with a Flat-Fee Project as a trial run.   The fee for the Flat-Fee Project would apply to the first year of your annual retainer if we decide to move forward.  


An ongoing, all-inclusive relationship, where our attorneys work closely with you to build and formalize the legal structure of your business and create the support you need for your developing and growing business so that we can troubleshoot potential legal problems before they arise.